The Fog Review

Title: The Fog (2005)

Rating: 0 out of 5

Tagline: “We’re sorry.”- At least that’s what it should be.

My Tagline: “This movie sucks.” Or “Why would you do this?”

Favorite Quote: “Blood for blood!”

Plot Synopsis: Superboy and the dumb blonde from “Lost” regurgitate some lame dialogue from a lame script riddled with forced tension, boring sequences, and a general case of terminal lameness.

Review: John Carpenter is universally recognized as a “Master of Horror” and has been part of the film business for over forty years. His film “The Fog” is one of his better-known works and for good reason; it’s a good movie. So why would you go and remake a perfectly good horror movie when there was nothing wrong with it? Did you really think you were going to outdo a master? Did you really think you could make it any better? To put it kindly this movie fails miserably in every way. Not only can it not even hold a candle to the original, it just plain sucks. I could go on a point-by-point comparison between it and the original but this movie is so bad I don’t believe it is even worth recognizing as a legitimate film. Not even by bad movie fans. As far I’m concerned this movie doesn’t even exist. Avoid it like the plague, especially if you liked the original.

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