Rifftrax Baby!

Hello bad movie fans. As you can tell I haven't been posting much. This is mostly due to laziness and my constant role as babysitter but I do have one good excuse. I have been recording my own Rifftrax. If you don't know what that is then allow me to give you a brief history lesson. About ten years ago the second greatest television show in human history was cancelled, it's name was Mystery Science Theater 3000. (MST3K for short) It was a program in which a man and his two robot companions were forced to watch bad movies. The three of them would make fun, or "riff," the movie as the audience would watch them watch the movie. In an effort to prove that there is truly no god, justice, or even an iota of decency in the world the show was canceled. This left those of us with who had developed a riffing addiction with nothing. There were some dark and desolate times to follow occasionally interrupted by glimmers of hope and rumor. Finally, the day came when our prayers would be answered, sort of. Mike Nelson (the head writer from MST3K) began a new internet program called "Rifftrax." The premise was this; Mike would record his commentary to a movie and then sell it for download to the world. The individual was responsible for locating the movie itself but when the Rifftrack and movie were synced properly the customer would have a humorous soundtrack to accompany their film. It wasn't quite MST3K but one advantage it had over Mystery Science was that he could make fun of ANY movie, instead of just those he could get rights to. This opened up a whole new chapter in riffing and since Rifftrax has really taken off.

Now that you have the frame of reference necessary for me to move on with my little tale I will now describe the newest chapter in riffing and how that relates to me and you. Recently added to the Rifftrax website is a feature called "iriff." This feature gives anyone the ability to make their own Rifftrax and sell them through the Rifftrax website. Very cool. Well after much trial and tribulation I have finally managed to get a product up for sale. So instead of just doing reviews I am now doing full audio commentaries for films. If you think my reviews are funny then just wait until you get a load of these baby. My first iriff posting can be found here: http://www.rifftrax.com/iriffs/atomic-rulers-world One must join the site in order to purchase or participate but it's no big deal since membership doesn't cost anything and they don't spam. They accept PayPal and most prices are like two or three bucks a piece. Not bad. You do have to find your own copy of the movie though, in most cases that is.

So start downloading and riffing. Give me lots of posistive comments and five star ratings while you're at it.


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