Atomic Rulers of the World!

As you can tell from the dates on my archive I haven't written in a while. This is partly because I have been too busy mocking movies with audio commentaries through Rifftrax with a service called "iRiffs." What follows is the product description and free sample video for my very first iRiff "Atomic Rulers of the World!"

It’s “Atomic Rulers of the World!” Or at least that’s one of the titles this film is known as because just one title isn’t enough to contain the action-packed excitement! This movie is one of the many chronicling the adventures of the incredible Japanese super-hero “Starman.” Starman is the slower, much gayer cousin of “Prince of Space.” With his amazing powers of changing clothes quickly and very slowly bending objects he hopes to save the universe’s “atmosphere” by stopping nuclear pollution given off by us here on Earth with nasty nuclear bombs. Lord knows why the Japanese are so stuck on the evils of nuclear weaponry and radiation but it certainly has provided us with some great B-reel material. And this film has it all; fight scenes clearly choreographed by toddlers, political intrigue on par with films like “Doom” or “Aeon Flux” and romance…well, there really isn’t much romance unless you count the endless fondling of young boys and chained prisoners. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it has a grown man running around in tights with see-through clothes and an antenna on his head. What more do you need?

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Anonymous said...

Atomic Rulers of the World is a truly dreadful movie, but your iRiff is very funny and well done.