Rave to the Grave Review

Title: Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave (2005)

Rating 4 out of 5

Tagline: “They will Eat Your Brains Out!”

My Tagline: “Drop a hit of Z, blow your mind, and eat your friend’s.”

Favorite Quote: “Damn girl, I usually don’t get that unless I take you to the Olive Garden.”

Plot Synopsis: A group of college students come into possession of the chemical substance that causes the zombification witnessed throughout the “Return of the Living Dead” series and uses it to create a new drug called “Z” which they distribute with great success throughout campus. As time passes those who have taken the drug begin to exhibit strange symptoms and after enough time finally turn into flesh-eating zombies. Two Interpol agents are on the trail of the barrels that contain the chemical agent and are determined to shut down the students operation and retrieve the chemicals. The quests for the obtainment of wealth by our heroes, the obtainment of the zombie chemical by the Interpol agents, and the obtainment of a good time by the college campus residents all leads to the final culmination of a massive rave held on Halloween night where the climax of the film is experienced.

Review: This film does not deserve to put in a “Bad Movie Archive.” It is a legitimately funny comedy and great movie. However I find it underrated throughout the world and I feel this is wrong and that this movie deserves to have the truth about it be told. I suppose it is possible people did not understand that this movie is a comedy. I do not know how this misunderstanding could be but there is a lot I do not understand about people’s film habits. What is there to say except that this movie is really funny and is not meant to be taken seriously? It helps if you have seen some of the previous incarnations but I only strongly recommend the first “Return of the Living Dead.” It’s not often that comedy that comes from a low budget cable network movie is derived from clever and sometimes subtle jokes, which is what makes this movie so special. You are not necessarily laughing at how stupid the movie is or at mistakes that were made but at intentional attempts to get the audience to laugh that, much to my surprise, actually worked. Perhaps this surprise is what lead me to feel the way I did when I first saw the movie and the low rating by others has lead me to feel the way I do now but if you make an attempt to view this movie open-minded without the programming of others then I trust you will, at very least, enjoy some moments this film has to offer.

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