Space Zombie Bingo!!! Review

Title: Space Zombie Bingo!!! (1993)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Tagline: “Life’s a beach, even in Space!”

My Tagline: “There’s only one thing worse than Vampiric backgammon…Space Zombie Bingo!!!”

Favorite Quote: “Yes, from the stench of the grave true love will always blossom.”

Plot Synopsis: The Earth is in grave danger when a gang of flesh-eating zombies from outer space take on menacing military macho men. The future of the world rest solely on the shoulders of the Zombie Defense Corps and their incredulous leader, Major Kent Bendover. Will Major Bendover and his moronic kitchen utensil-bearing troops have what it takes to battle these horrifying space invaders, or will the entire universe crumble to become a Space Zombie Bingo!?!?

Review: I may have ranked this one a little high but I can’t help but have a soft spot for this film. First because it has probably the second greatest movie title in all of human history and second because it’s obvious they tried really hard and had very few resources. The zombies from outer space are waddling around in welder’s masks and scuba gear for crying out loud. They have some of decent original music and some great concepts (news-clown) and the whole thing feels like just a few friends trying to piece together a little movie for kicks. I find myself wanting to support such artistic creations and if nothing else it does have one memorable scene, an extremely memorable scene. This B-movie is also not an attempt to be a dramatic film that falls short like most of these movies but instead is a legitimate attempt at comedy and it’s clear the filmmaker’s knew what kind of movie they were making. The writing is clever, fun, and riddled with Ed Wood parody. Some of the jokes may fall flat and it has some sound problems but overall I believe this film is a “must see” for bad movie fans. It’s unique, brave, fun, short, and a nominee for the title of “classic.”

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