Drive-in Massacre Review

Title: Drive-in Massacre (1976)

Rating: 2 out of 5

Tagline: “Your nightmares are about to become true.”

My Tagline: “Just as you’re getting some boob you’ll get your head cut off!”

Favorite Quote: “I just wanted to beat my meat.”

Plot Synopsis: Someone is killing people at the local drive-in using a bladed weapon. Two fairly incompetent detectives investigate and attempt to apprehend the murderer. Suspects include a former sideshow geek with access to swords, the “grade A asshole” manager of the place, and some guy who gets his jollies from watching people at the drive-in. The two detectives engage in cross-dressing, moderate speed car chases, and harassment as they slowly widdle down the suspect list and eventually bring this bloody story to a conclusion.

Review: Sure it’s bad but it’s not awesomely bad. I suppose character wise you do have the old detective duo reminiscent of Ed Wood’s “The Sinister Urge” which is a little fun. Especially when the cross-dressing starts up. You also have the awkward sideshow geek who is really the anchor of the film and the asshole manager is pretty funny. Somehow something is missing though. Something that is hard to pinpoint or describe but its lacking prevents the film from giving you that fun experience you get from watching truly awful movies. Maybe there is simply not enough originality or strangeness. Maybe somewhere along the line the crew stopped believing in project. It is possible for this movie to be fun and if you are like me and obtained it by buying a DVD movie pack that included it then you should try it. Just don’t actively seek it out; it’s not worth it.

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