Wereworf in a Girl's Dormitory Review

Title: Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory or Lycanthropus (1961)

Rating: 1 out of 5

Tagline: “Beauties! The prey of a monster’s desires!”

My Tagline: “I know it sounds dirty but it’s clean I swear!”

Favorite Quote: “Hey, his right hand is hurt!”

Plot Synopsis: Someone or something is killing people at an all girls’ school. Well the logical conclusion would be that it’s the newly arrived male teacher with a troubled past right? The “new high in horror” begins when one of the students gets taken out due to her promiscuous behavior with older men. Again, I know it sounds hot but trust me there’s nothing good here. As the plot unfolds dark themes of blackmail, mindless suspicion, and decent reveal themselves against the picturesque setting of a school in the mountains that is locked in the grip of terror at the hands of a beastly monster.

Review: It’s funny, this movie is bad but it’s actually not bad enough. Not that it’s great or anything but there isn’t anything all that memorable. There are no great lines delivered by kooky characters or fun flaws that had to have been deliberately left in. There’s a mystery with some suspects and we the audience are privy to some information that not all the characters are. We are not following a detective type character but are instead watching the events unfold in front of us without getting to see the complete picture eventually resulting in an attempt at shock. The almost complete lack of a werewolf also holds the film back considerably. If you are in the mood for a fun-bad movie then this is not a film for you. However if you are in the mood for an earlier film that isn’t all that bad and is more of a victim of the times in was made then this may be one for you.

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