Hobgoblins Review

Title: Hobgoblins (1988)

Rating: 4 out of 5

Tagline: “Be careful what you wish for... You just might get it!”

My Tagline: “Being an assistant night watchmen with a senile old man in an abandoned film studio just got slightly more interesting.”

Favorite Quote: “Oh Mr. Zookeeper…”

Plot Synopsis: A young man accidentally releases small creatures called Hobgoblins from a film vault that his elderly coworker locked away several years earlier shortly after witnessing their landing to Earth. The Hobgoblins exert a physic force over the humans they encounter resulting in a delusion within the human to believe that they are experiencing their ultimate fantasy. For reasons unknown the fantasies take a deadly turn thus motivating the protagonists to once again lock away the creatures.

Review: Though I highly recommend the episode this film would be enjoyable on its own even without the fellas at MST3K. In a bizarre attempt to capitalize on the popularity of “Gremlins” writer/director Rick Sloan excreted this wondrous tale of butt-ugly creatures fooling borderline retarded humans into either dieing or killing. Never boring and always delivering on hot car parking action this film hates women, has obscene technical issues, wacky (and stupid) characters, disturbing imagery, and laughably low production values. The bar that acts as the gathering place for the town’s scum appears to be a high school cafeteria where Marge Simpson moonlights as a waitress. To the crew’s credit this film did in fact deliver on the absolute limit of horror that can be generated by people holding puppets to their faces and screaming. One thing to look out for is an early appearance of later-to-be-famous voice actor Daran Norris, who Nickelodeon can’t seem to do a show without. If you like sex, spandex, pink shorts on men, and lame Muppets then this is a film for you.

Trivia: -Was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000

-Amazingly, some of the actors went on to have pretty good careers.

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