Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator Review

Title: Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator a.k.a. In Deadly Heat (1989)

Rating 3 out of 5

Tagline: “Don’t Throw Your Love Away…Burn It!”

My Tagline: “What a Twist!”

Favorite Quote: “ ‘…I’ll be there.’ ‘Where?’ ‘There.’ ”

Plot Synopsis: An airport mechanic is kidnapped from work and brought to a mansion where he is held prisoner by a dude in drag and told he will not be allowed to leave until he gets it on with the lovely Stephanie. (stuff her if you will) The twist? The first of many is that the dude in drag intends to watch the two of them exchange bodily fluids, if you know what I mean. To continue would reveal too much and spoil the movie but I can assure this film has no lack of mind-bending riddles and plot twists.

Review: I’m tempted to give the film the fourth star but there are a few too many minutes spent with people just kind of looking around. That coupled with the lack of memorable dialogue and characters holds this film back in the realm of fun-bad movies. To its credit it is ambitious film with a big concept. If it were not for the completely illogical and impossible plot holes someone could take the general idea and with real money, actors, and production abilities make a decent film. That is part of the majesty of this picture; it is flawed on every conceivable level. In addition to the standards of horrid acting, incompetent production, and a laughably bad script this movie could never be made in way that makes any sense at all. It is completely and utterly impossible for it to work and that is a beautiful thing. In addition to that there is also the fact that by the end there seemed to almost be a grand theme involved. Almost like an examination of the metaphysical level of life. If this did exist within the film it was so poorly executed I completely missed it and if this level of examination was intended it is simply hilarious given how ridiculous the idea of trying to cram something like that into a movie this awful is. Unfortunately the movie gets worse as it goes along and was much more fun when you had absolutely no idea what was going on. It starts off bizarre and slowly gets more and more mundane leaving you simply wondering why people would act so stupid. Though one beautiful thing about the movie is that without being inside the writer’s head it is physically impossible to fully understand this picture. You can puzzle over it and obsess about it but you will never know the answers. There are simply too many things not explained to ever be sure. It would be like trying to put together a puzzle without all the pieces. This nearly indescribable level of flawed story with its many layers of ludicrousness and impracticality makes this film unique and forces you to elevate it slightly above the rest to a place you point out to the younger generations of would be filmmakers and say, “Venture there only to see what could become of you. Venture there only to see what you must be careful to avoid.”

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