Wolves of Wall Street Review

Title: The Wolves of Wall Street (2002)

Rating: 1 out of 5

Tagline: “We’re too lazy and untalented to come up with a tagline.”

My Tagline: “It’s like a flaming bag of werewolf dung on you front step!”

Favorite Quote: “The sound of urine being sprayed onto the actors.”

Plot Synopsis: A young man fresh from college embarks on a quest to strike it big in the big apple. His ambition is to become a broker with the most successful firm in town but look out guy, turns out they’re werewolves. He gets the job, gets a girlfriend, and makes some money. Eventually he fights with his girlfriend and then some stuff happens leading up to a final confrontation with the guys who eat people.

Review: If you like watching men writing on little slips of paper while smiling over and over again then have I got a movie for you. Although I love the fact that the alpha male, or as we later find out posing alpha male, actually urinates on his employees to mark his territory there is little else memorable about this movie. If you are expecting to enjoy yourself then you will hate this movie but if you enjoy torturing yourself or are on heavy amounts of Ridalin you may love it. It is a film that took itself seriously and seemed to try really hard to be good yet still fell short of its lofty goals. Despite this it still lacks the other essential ingredients for a great bad movie. For the most part I would say this movie is just plain bad and you would be wise to steer clear.

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